Different Ways To Stop Your Coil From Burning

It is not necessary that you can get a perfect vaping experience every time. Sometimes, your coil starts burning due to certain reasons. So, you have to take care of your coil properly without any problem. In this article you will learn how to stop your coil from burning and leakage.

Whether you are new to vaping or a professional cloud shooter, there’s one thing that all vapers hate: the unmistakable or unfavorable taste of a burnt coil. Perhaps you’re going to be in the middle of a great, soothing steam sesh. In this case, you are unable to get the perfect vape and taste as well. It does not matter from which vape store you bought it. There is no role of vape coil shop in this because you have to store or use it well to reduce the risk of burning.

Here is good news for you that you can simply avoid steam coils from being burnt, which are almost always the root of this problem. The explanations for the vape coils that differ, but the remedies are typically easy fixes that can get things back to normal in a few steps. 

Ways to stop your coil from burning. 

Prime your coils 

Wet cotton is going to burn, and if you don’t have your coils primed, you’ll be in trouble as soon as you take the first steam. Vape coils must be filled with liquid before you fire your mod. No matter whether you use a conventional cartomizer or a newer atomizer, caution is the answer. Make sure the coil is in the tank and sits for at least 10 to 15 minutes after you have loaded the tank.

Be careful when you are going to pick the Potion

If you have done all of the steps but you are experiencing an issue with burnt coils, consider swapping to an e-liquid with a marginally higher PG quality. Note that the higher the VG content, the smoother the solvent would be, and a little lowering the VG content will make a difference in making sure your juice soaks your coils properly.

Speed Down

If you want to enjoy your vape properly, then you have to check it once. As, the harder and quicker you are vaping, the more likely you are to burn the coil out faster and harder. It is too critical for you to be careful if you are using a high-VG juice because it would take too much time to soak in your coil between the drags. It may seem like absolute torture, but pause between 30 to 40 seconds before you take your next major vape of higher VG juice.

Tweak temperature

Regulation features can even be very effective in avoiding burned coils before they even start creeping on you. Often temperature regulation is the only solution if anything else fails. Through time regulation, you can make sure that the coil never falls above a certain fixed temperature. When you haven’t soaked your coil, or if your wick runs out of juice, the temp regulator will activate and keep your coil from burning, protecting it from a burnt-up death.

You also try to turn down power; it may help you to enjoy vaping properly without a problem. 

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